Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Review


Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is exactly what I was looking for lately. If you like games like Diablo, Grim Dawn, POE and Torchlight. The game is full of bugs but even a few days into my journey the devs have hotfixed many of them and I believe they are hard at work fixing some of the bugs. Most of the bugs happen in offline mode, but I pay in online mode anyways. And the servers seem fine, even while I live in Vietnam, which rarely gets good servers in most games, but my Ping stays around 40ms, which is very good and playable. I really hope this game does “seasons” like POE and Diablo to keep me and others coming back for more. Until then, I highly suggest you buy this game. If you are looking to get the game for free try this:


Too many bugs to recommend right now. From rubberbanding in a private lobby, to the final boss T-posing in an invincible state forever, the bugs just start to outweigh what potential this game has. On another note, I feel like build variety might be lacking, since most of the Unique (Legendary equivalent in Diablo) effects that I’ve come across are either simply buffed Legendary/Rare effects, or are so mundane that they’re not worth speccing around. Though, I can’t say this with 100% certainty, as I can’t get to endgame without actually beating the final boss.


While the artwork direction feels generally nice and they have some cool animations for their characters, I do not consider the story to be compelling enough to immerse you into your character’s world.

There are still a lot of gamebreaking bugs:
– skills not working properly (both active/passive),
– bosses recovering health while you are dead (making boss fight even more tedious),
– random kicks from the servers that cause you to lose progress,
– not enough information about the end-game and how are you supposed to play it (including not enough information on crafting, gems, sockets, attributes, types of gear, stats meaning),
– insufficient information on how damage/def is calculated,
– mobs can either block you in random places (including walls) or are themselves blocked/stuck on weird surfaces,
– combat is extremely clunky and it looks like server does not register your skill commands in due time,
– death mechanics terrible executed and adds a lot to frustration,
– a lot of buffs/debuffs don’t have a visual indicator,
– unclear passive tree – ie. you can add to of percent damage, however it’s unclear how that actually impacts your general damage output, etc.

I would recommend you to wait for an additional 6 months/1 year before purchasing as a lot of aspects need to be refined. This game has only now hit the state of a public beta in my opinion, after an underwhelming launch littered with critical bugs.

On the plus side I think the developer has managed to pack enough potential for a great game but it definitely needs to be polished A LOT before we could call it truly enjoyable.

Based on these considerations I asked for a refund.