What is the best free anime app out right now?


Hey anime fans! Today I have got a awesome tutorial for you all! It’s going to show you how to basically watch anime for free, FOREVER! Yes and this is an app on iOS and Android. Now you are probably thinking how is that possible? Most of those apps cost money? Well we are going to downloading the Crunchyroll Premium app for free!

So your saying Crunchyroll right? And yes, I know it’s $15 a month however like I said we’re going to download the free premium version. So how do we start? You may ask. Firstly, I want you to watch this youtube video right here: free anime app

So you if follow along that video it show you all the steps to download the free anime app. Now of course there are some troubleshooting tips you may need here:

  1. Background App refresh is turn on.
  2. Battery Saver is turned off
  3. Automatic App Store Downloads are turned off.
  4. Restart your phone if app not downloading

If you have done all those and it still isn’t loading, update to iOS 14 and it should load! Android should be able to download the apk file. It’s as easy as that! Hope you guys enjoyed!