This guy found a SECRET Uber Promo Codes & Uber Eats in the app….


With news dropping of a secret employee only discount code for uber eats, our eyes and ears were open! Apparently in recent weeks their have been leaks from Uber HQ that employees do actually get CRAZY discount codes to use on their orders. We wanted to investigate so we emailed many employees from uber and no one wanted to speak to us. Thats when we went on the hunt on YouTube, if you search “free uber promo codes” there are many videos that pop up and we wanted to see if any of them do work!

Luckily, we stumbled upon this youtuber who actually has a series of videos showing $100 off promo codes for uber & uber eats. Check this video out, here he explains just how to save $100 for uber coupon:

He says: “these are secret codes that only employees can use, however there is currently a glitch where anyone can get these promo codes”. After going through his channel and watching all his videos we decided to try and see if these codes work on the app. We got our iPhone and loaded the website he says to go to, press unlock code and tried to get ourselves a free uber eats promo code, who doesn’t want to eat for free right?

It worked to our shock, quite unbelieveable. If you don’t believe us either go watch the uber eats video yourself:

And yes, he did say “this glitch won’t work much longer so get in quick” basically, do this right now and go get your own codes before it’s fixed. Thanks for checking us out and reading this article 🙂