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Gymshark is an extremely popular fitness apparel and accessories brand. They were founded in Solihull, England back in 2012 and since then, it has been recorded that Gymshark has manifested their business into being valued over £1 billion in 2020. Gymshark has to thank social media and fitness influencers for increasingly blowing up and popularising their fitness wear to idolising new and returning customers. Their Instagram account has over 5.3 million followers which has to mark them one of the most followed fitness apparel accounts worldwide. I have always looked up to Gymshark as a visionary brand and have purchased from them many times before. But like any other Gymshark loyal customer, I have yet to be rewarded with any discounts or promotional codes that help me with their costly prices. Finally, it dawned on me to stop waiting around for a sale and have a look around online and search for any ways to help me financially fuel my Gymshark addiction. Luckily for you guys, I came across a site that reaped me of my most desired promotional codes and they actually do work! I saved $100.00 at the Gymshark checkout and literally gave myself a whole new fitness wardrobe! If you are wondering how I did it heres the link to the video: gymshark discount

I decided that I needed share my knowledge and help others out there who need the financial help. So, I have made this post and a YouTube video that informatively shows every step in how I managed to do this. If you would like to save $100.00 at Gymshark and reward yourself into feeling cute while working out, definitely give my video a watch as it will save you some $$.