The Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo?


When you see those white flakes appear on your shoulders you start to wonder where they came from. You are affected by dandruff. Skin particles from your scalp get loose and travel all the way to your shoulders or get stuck in your hair. Having a snow landscape on your shoulders isn’t a pretty thing and many people are after that one great anti dandruff shampoo that removes all those bad white flakes once and for all. Whether a particular anti dandruff shampoo works is really dependant on your personal situation. There are several conditions which can cause dandruff, but for most people it’s caused by skin cell renewal on your scalp. The skin on your scalp can also be itchy which forces you to scratch the itchy area, which will cause the skin to get loose. Yes the last reaction causes more dandruff – so whatever you do try not to scratch your head no matter how good it feels for a little while!

Please note, however, that it is perfectly normal for parts of the top layer of your skin to loosen and fall off. This is cell renewal at work and is a sign of a healthy body. Some people have such fast skin cell renewal that they find a lot of those skin flakes on their clothes or in their hair. Another cause of dandruff is dry skin. Especially during the winter months your skin is constantly being attacked and drained of it’s moisture due to the dry air. I use a chemical free shampoo so I know I am not putting harmful chemicals on my scalp! Keeping your skin moisturised will definitely help in minimizing the appearance of dandruff.

Now what is the best anti dandruff shampoo? I’m afraid we can’t answer that question without knowing your personal situation. Some people react extremely bad to off-the-shelf anti dandruff shampoo products, others see no effect from natural remedies. There is only one thing you can do and that is to test several shampoos for effectiveness. We do recommend that you try a natural remedy first to see how your skin responds to it. These products usually contain no aggressive elements and are therefore excellent to start with. If they don’t help then try another product. Do give the ingredients some time to do their work. Perhaps if you don’t see any improvement within 2 week you may want to try another product.