Tentacle Locker Mobile Download


About Tentacle Locker: It’s about locker politics. You know the game, it involves two teams of ten students each. One team has to pretend to be a locker in order to pass each other’s locker. The other team is trying to get their Tentacles caught by the other team. They can be caught, but when the other team wins, they have to leave, and no one gets their Tentacles. And the winner takes the prize, which is really the last Tentacle that slips through.

This game isn’t as easy as it sounds, because you can’t use a normal phone or cell to play it. But there is an amazing iPhone program that converts your iPhone into a Tentacle locker. Not only does this program allow you to play the game, but you can also track your progress on the iPhone and see at a glance which team is winning. The best part is that there are many levels in this iPhone app, and it even includes leader boards so you can see how your friends are faring against you! This youtube video below will actually show you how to install tentacle locker mobile for free in 2021 for iOS or Android

In summation: If you want adult games that have a twist, then this is definitely for you. This is more than just locker bunkering with a twist. There is an iPhone program that turns your cell phone into a Tentacle Locker, and you can play this iPhone app from the comfort of your own home. Get more information on how to download the iPhone program for more information on the game.