Steam Games in 2019 – Can you get them for free?


Okay so. Definitely this game is worth getting if you’re a fan of Chivalry or any fighting game of the sort. The combat is extremely rewarding especially with the graphical amount of gore.

All the gamemodes are pretty solid and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.
The gameplay is fair and feels like you have power in your fights as well as the other opponents do.
Also the skill curve I would say is decently steep but at least the customization makes it fair to many playstyles. There isn’t just 4 classes just like Chivarly but there’s a lot of selection in armor, skills, and weapons so it’s extremely flexible similar to building arsenals in Call of Duty or Battlefield. Well luckily I stumbled upon this video on youtube, its actually awesome. This guy Ryan shows how to get free steam games 2019

So for the price and gameplay. I say that it was worth the price especially with the content it contains so far.

PS: I understand the launch is extremely shaky with the XP/GOLD system buggy and server issues and stability with servers. I personally can overlook this since Monster Hunter World had similar problems but it was patched later on. As long the game it continues to be patched. My review shall stay Positive

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