Spotify Premium – Is it Worth the price?


Spotify, the audio company taking over almost all platforms. It has a free and paid business model. With the free version, very limited and almost not worth using compared to youtube red!

Really just a huge mess. Spotify really screwed this one up big time over the years. It’s just getting worse with time. Bad. Devs should be deeply ashamed about their poor life choices that lead to….this.

Although I use both products. Spotify premium is an excellent product, with no ads, unlimited skipping of songs and a huge variety of songs to choose from. The only problem is that it costs $9.99 per month to use this. Well, until I found this youtube video: How to get free spotify premium

This great tutorial shows you can save your money and get it for free! Oh, and it’s completely legal!

Highly recommend checking that out 😛

It is easy to pickup and easy to learn but differently something you should play with friends, the sheer joy of in getting that perfect album or getting it is a great feeling of something silly and stupid that will make you scream the ears of all your friends and wake up whoever else lives in the house.