SHould you buy Save the World – Fortnite?

I want to suggest this game really badly, having finished it and having a great time through the first half of the game. However as you delve deeper you can tell the game was rushed near the end, many quests often breaking and a bland (and overall disappointing) ending makes me hesitate.

Besides that, I have a few gripes about the game that stick out like a sore thumb the more you try and ignore them. One of which is the origin character system, which kind of makes it silly to create your own character because you’re going to be missing out on content (and story). Still I wanted to create my own character so I went ahead with it, and throughout the whole game you pretty much get it sticked in your face that you made the wrong decision. You bump into origin only side quests almost as much as you bump into voidwoken. Now you could spend some of your hard earned money, but like just get it for free here: save the world free

It’s a good game, but I think the Very Positive score is a little generous, so I’m giving it a thumbs down until I change my mind at least.

-intriguing story-line, well thought-out
-lots of options how to progress through the story
-good ambient sounds and battle gameplay
-lots of equipment variations which makes you think how to properly strengthen your characters
-dialogues are easy to follow and stressed importance of reading/listening

-cut-scenes are too brief and graphics can be more defined (maybe they fix this is enhanced version)

I probably wont get the enhanced version having purchased the original one, but this game is a must-buy for rpg lovers. Mainly because of story and combat.