Realm Royale – We’ve been hacking and cheating and its so fun!


Yes cheaters ruin games, but in realm royale we have found a video which shows you how to get free aimbot, esp, chams and wallhacks completely non download and it makes realm royale SOOO much fun….. Check the video out here:

~Are you tired of constantly praying that your opponent doesn’t know how to build a skyscraper in half of a second?

~How about going through that awkward boring moment when you have to walk a century in order to reach the circle on the other side of the map?

~Have you finally realized that you can’t play PUBG and Fortnite for the rest of your life?

~Need a new refreshing game that you want to get addicted to?

Guess what, Realm Royale is your solution. 


-Good question, Realm Royale implement’s a class system where you can choose from 5 classes; Warrior, Engineer, Assassin, Mage, and Hunter. Each class has their own unique skll set creating several combinations that can be used to your advantage, creating more variety. Expect the list of classes expanding as development continues.
-When you “die” you will transform into a chicken where you must stay alive as a chicken for 30 seconds until you can have another chance of living. Something about killing chickens is always satisying and fun to do.
-At any time you can press Z to summon your mount that you can elegantly ride across the map that is made up of several different biomes. In each of these biomes you will find a Forge.
-At these forges you will be able to craft either potions, legendary armor, abilities or your class specific weapon.
-But hold it there, you didn’t think you would get all this great loot for free did you? Of course you didn’t. You spend your shards that you create when destroying any loot you find you don’t want. You will find a lot of that.
-Did I mention that you directly dive onto the map? Yeah that right, cut the parachute. This game wants you to dive straight into action, cut the BS.
– I can’t forget the fact that there is no fall damage. That’s right, you can finally jump from more than 20 ft and not take any fall damage. Might I add that you feel quite heroic when jumping from great heights.
-Keep in mind that this game is very early in development as of right now and there will be even more attributes added and improved upon as time goes on.


Realm Royale has an incredible amount of potential. Out of all the BR games, this one is definitely the most arcade-y. It’s a lot of fun and if Hi-Rez doesn’t screw this up horrendously it will be able to compete with it’s competitors. I am really excited to see how creative Hi-Rez can make this game. Give it a try and stop believing that just because it looks similar to other games it’s automatically terrible. It’s not. Realm Royale gives it’s own unque spin to the Battle Royale Genre and it clicks. Now take a breath and go download the game, I have to go back to dumping more hours into this game. I will see your chicken on the battlefield.