Nintendo Switch Emulator for iPhone and Android Working to play Nswitch Games on Mobile


Hey guys! Lux here, wanting to share a new unique way to play Nintendo Switch games on your mobile device. It’s without a jailbreak and will allow you to play every single nintendo switch game on your mobile phone as of 2020. This only takes like 2 minutes to install the downloader onto your mobile device, simple follow the tutorial below for each game:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Mobile:

Super Mario Odyssey Mobile:

Pokemon Sword and Shield Mobile:


As you guys can see by the youtube videos they are really easy to download and install as well as these applications are completely free to download and play. So you get to save $60, now the controllers areĀ  just the joysticks on the screen and are kinda small, however, it’s an awesome way to play these games on mobile!