*NEW* Pterodactyl Glider in FORTNITE! Worth a Buy?

pterodactyl glider fortnite

Hey Guys! SO the new¬†Pterodactyl Glider (aka dinosaur glider) has just been released on Fornite Battle Royale… but is it worth the 1,200 V Bucks? Well let’s put that to the test. The new glider has a huge wingspan, new sound effect and matches all the older dinosaur skins (eg. Rex Skin). Is it worth a buy? Maybe yeah, although you can actually get it for free from watching this youtube video:¬†Pterodactyl Glider fortnite

Yeah so if you don’t want to spend any money, watch that video! Frank does a great job explaining how to get it for free!

So should you play fortnite still or is it dying? Well with all these new free skins, why not lol! Here’s my review anyways.

This is a fun game but for competitive players it will royally p*** you off. It constantly has new bugs after every update. It is not worth the money. This company has made a fortune and still refuse to listen to the community and fix the game. First it was Dsync then Rubberbanding then hackers and the list can go on and on.

On the first map they made there are still spots where the grass isnt touching the ground now this seems stupid to complain about but why even have it in there if its not going to look real?

This is exactly why a free to play game (fortnite) is now destroying all other battle royale games. I can’t wait for a triple A company to take over the battle royale era.

The cosmetics in this game is very bland. I don’t understand the popularity of it. This game, just didn’t stood up. I didn’t want to play this game. Because if i had to choose one word to describe it : Plain. The graphics are okay i guess but the game isn’t worth the money. Friends actually ruin the game on this one except the ones who just play if for the giggles and laughs. Steals all the good loot, sucks so you have to carry them, reveals your position. But that isn’t the biggest problem. You know a game is good when you play it a lot. I just didn’t want to return to this game because it had nothing exciting.