New Battle Pass on Fortnite


Very fun and shockingly addicting game for all the right reasons. Combat is deeper and harder to master than it first seems but wow is it satisfying when you land a killing combo. All the armor and weapon types have reasonable unlock times and there are zero microtransactions in the game as of the date of this review. Most unlockables are cosmetic in nature. Great game, highly recommended for anybody looking for a medieval swords and armor fighting game

I am enjoying the┬ánew season 9 battle pass so far, but something needs to be done about the difficulty of the bots when practising.. They will swarm you in numbers and can hit and block a new player 80% of the time, which was a little discouraging.. Although I love the gameplay, I feel this would be a good reason for many people to give up playing before they’ve seen the games potential. You can also save 950 vbucks if you watch this clip on utube:

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