My Fortnite Skins Guide!


I’ll recommend it… for now. Fortnite is great— for the most part. It looks fantastic and there’s tons to do, but there are a few problems. For one, I feel that the day/night cycle is far too fast. You can start walking in the morning and by the time you reach the other end of town, it’s already evening. Plus, your energy is expelled way too quickly from anything you do, making it so that you can only do a select few things each day before you have to sleep to restore all your energy, since the food barely cuts it. You have to spend lots of time doing quests and completing tech trees before you can even start to rely on making better food for replenishing your energy. Also, what’s the deal with this donkey? The majority of my income was coming from burying bodies and now I can’t even do that til I cultivate 10 carrots so that he’ll let me work? I can barely afford the carrot seeds as is! I really hope that the game will improve over time. I hope I can keep this at a positive recommendation but we’ll see as my play through and the development continues. I’ll be the first one to say you do need skins in Fortnite, check out this youtube video: how to get galaxy skin for free

These kinds of games rely on responsive and intuitive controls, so that the player is able to efficiently solve all tasks given in a timely and non-frustrating manner. If the controls at times take more than half a second to react to simply change movement directions, then I can’t see how this can be done. The same can be said for out of place switches from fully keyboard controlled tasks to mouse reliant tasks.

Some icons in the UI are hard to recognize without taking a focused look at them. They should be recognizable at a glance as to not force the player to stop dead in his tracks just to read a text again. This feels frustrating, especially when the whole point of the game is to finish a large number of tasks in a finite time frame.

I’ll buy this game again if these issues have been tackled in a future update.