My Early Access Spider-Man PS4 Review (September 2018)


Those are three words I can well and truly suggest to you. I’ve played the spiderman games since 2004  and might I just say if you ever wanted to get into the spider man franchise, this is the perfect game for it. They’ve added a variety of little details and quality of life changes since the DS games that make the game so easy to pick up- even the interface and overall “starting” parts are user and newbie friendly.

Gameplay wise, it’s quite grindy- infact no, it’s VERY grindy. There’s quite a bit of repetitive gameplay when it comes to fighting enemys… as much as this can be seen as a con, this is very much a pro for the franchise. The main premise is to understand a enemys attack patterns and the more you play the game and fight said enemys the better and more experienced you get! It’s very satisfying to fight a enemys that utterly destroys you one time only to fight it again and beat it with multiple “predictions” on attacks. As well as that, there are 14 different weapon types with a variety of different playstyles, such as the ranged weapons of bow and bowguns , the fast attackers like dual blads and sword ‘n’ shield and even the heavy hitters like hammer and great sword. In a game like this, there truly is no “best weapon” you simply pick one (or few) of the weapons you really do enjoy playing and kick it with it. (Or get creamed,)! Also, if you guys are interested in playing yourself check out this youtube clip… I used this video’s guide: Spider-Man FREE

His channel is here.
I’ve played the ps4 version of the game also, I was excited to see what the mouse controls were like for the game only to be disappointed- they were extremely clunky and awkward… maybe it was my pc or the game, who knows? My friend also had the same problem; we both eventually decided to go to using our controllers to play the game as it seemed to run much smoother and less complicated that way.

Overall, it’s just a fantastic game to play- an even better game to play with friends as it can have many moments that can lead to just a bunch of laughs even when you’d least expect it!