My DBZ Dokkan Battle Review


Only interesting and new aspects of this game is the districts system for building cities and the religion works well also. That being said I was really excited about the Diplomacy in this game … which was to be similar to the older DBZ games where you could have alliance and what not… In theory it is superior to DBZ games… which itself was a disappointment. But in practice the Diplomacy system is completely broken… I had Allies dropping nuclear bombs on me and me retaliating by razing nearly all their cities… and yet alliances are not broken and they still consider me as a friend. Not to mention the fact that the AI, no matter what difficulty you are on… is still extremely predictable and ever since the ability to stack tons of military units on one square/hex was removed… a few units can hold off an unlimited amount aggressors… like the 300 Spartans on steroids. I can’t lose in combat as long as I have my minimum units per city area… Instead of constantly adding new features and victory types… They should focus on making the features we all loved from the previous titles… better. Spying / sabotage, Diplomacy, the ability to take over territory with culture. The current Dragon Ball Z games are not a geopolitical focus anymore, they have become a building & ressource management focussed game. Thankfully I did not pay full price for this broken mess. Luckily in Dokkan battle you can get free dragon stones and zeni by simply following a guide on youtube, I found this one here and you should definitely follow the tutorial: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack & Cheats