Mobile Gaming Review – They ARE BOOMING!


Article 2

Mobile gaming has really taken off in the last few years. Some of these mobile games like clash of clans are 1 billion dollar companies completely from microtransactions in game. With so much money involved many companies have taken the plunge to get involved with the mobile industry. Big movie title companies have taken to mobile gaming to continue to grow their brand. Games such as Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, Dragon Ball Legends & the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes games.

My favorite game is definitely the Dragon Ball Legends App avaliable on iOS and Android. This game brings back so much nostalgia when it goes to my childhood. It’s awesome seeing all the old characters and bosses that I used to love watching as a kid. The only problem is the pay to win business model that these apps tend to use and the way they make money. I think they would be much more successful using a free to play business model with cosmetic items that offer no advantage over an other player!

These crystals are quite expensive for players purchasing them. Luckily I did find a way through a video on youtube how to get them for free! I generated over 100,000 of these crystals which would of cost me over $100,000 USD dollars to purchase them. So yeah, this hack is amazing…. Anyways I’m sure you really want to see how its done, here’s the vid: Dragon Ball Legends cheats

Just follow this guys guide and you’ll have those crono crystals completly for free. It literally only takes 4 minutes to do and will save you so much in real money, you would be an idiot not to.

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