Kostenlos Spotify Premium


Love spotify Have risk of rain also. super fun spend a lot of time unlocking almost everything. Beep Boop Robot for the win.
Currently loops are okay just can’t wait for the actual songs, I’ve had a lot of broken build due to rng’s. it does get a bit weird at 300 mins in one game XD.

Spotify itself is definitely worth the pricetag, however, there are some flaws which are expected as it’s still in early access. although i would recommend you get the free one here:

I’m pretty sure all of these flaws will be dealt with after seeing their roadmap for the year.

The sheer amount of items, maps and different types of bosses can get too stale over time, maps feel somewhat empty and most of the survivors have a similar buildpath (best in slot path). Of course the exception being the engineer, which solely relies on fungi to keep his turrets and himself alive. Multiplayer just feels like a race to see who can obtain more items, as there is no real initiative for teamplay. That being said, it’s still a blast to play the game, it just gets boring after a period of time.

Would still recommend giving it a shot!