iOS 12 Brings new hope for Apple


This game starts out quite strong, strong enough that I thought it was going to be the best of the trilogy…right up until I hit, what you could consider, the mid-game; at which point the storytelling took a nosedive. iOS 12 is taking gaming to a new level on the new iphone xs! But can you jailbreak it? Well yes I found a working tutorial on youtube how to get do it: How to Jailbreak iOS 12

Suspense that had been built up (up to that point) was shut down and all sense of urgency and dread at the underlying disaster that was coming was inexplicably discarded; and this is on top of the customization and equipment lock applied to the area. Once you leave this area, the story comes back VERY strong but it doesn’t last as you find yourself right back there before too long.

Add to that, that the game’s main antagonist is quite weak and poorly written as the explanation for his actions doesn’t line up with the previous game; and the secondary antagonist, which is built up at different points to possibly be an excellent enemy, ends up being wasted due to poor storytelling.

The final nails in the coffin for the game’s story are the ending and the atmosphere; the atmosphere is drained out completely by the afore mentioned mid-game zone and all sense of urgency and dread at coming events is lost entirely with almost no attempts made to bring it back. Then there’s the ending, which is quite unsatisfying after a surprisingly difficult boss fight.

You just never get the “dark” story that forged THE tomb raider that was advertised, and a lot of elements that could have made that the case are left un-used and the whole thing falls short.

The main redeeming factors are the Tombs, which are solid; the graphics, which are also solid; and the combat, which is excellent…good enough that it could have carried the game but there is just isn’t enough of it in the story to make the difference.