iOS 12.1 Update – Can you Jailbreak it?


This update is a must for almost anyone. iOS 12 is one of the best updates released in the Apple iOS world!

There are not enough good things I can say about this iOS. The attention to detail and the feel are amazingly awesome. iOS 12 brings a lot of new games and features to those games. One that stands out to me is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. It’s an awesome game that is so fun to play! Another awesome game on the OS 12 is Monster Hunter World is amazing. If you like action games with a lot of depth and you don’t mind a lot of grinding to get rare item drops, you’ll enjoy it. The online multiplayer is immaculate. The monster design and variety is awesome. The amount of weapon classes is superb and each weapon changes the way you play the game drastically. There are options to play support if you equip the right decorations and weapon (hunting horn is for those of you who like being “the guy we need for every fight”), and the music is amazingly well-composed orchestral music. New content is added every other month (approximately). No loot boxes or any of that modern nonsense. I am playing it on my iPhone Xs, it truely is an awesome experience… Shoutout to Apple 🙂

Now the big question is, can you jailbreak these devices? Yes. Here is a guide I found on youtube that was quite helpful: iOS 12.1 Jailbreak Tutorial! How to Jailbreak iOS 12 Untethered!