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Fortnite is a Great game, the ideas involved and the team developing it are great. I truly enjoy the inherent team play driven by the game and the direction to work together with your teamates. There is plenty of things that need some polishing to be sure. But ive played several EA games in the past and the foundation of Rend is exceptional in comparison. I am an old school mmo player and find parts of Rend reminding me of some of the aspects that I liked in those combined with survival mechanics and a decent progression system aswell during each saga. I am very excited to see where this game goes in 1yr or so of developement. The team developing it have been putting out consistent updates that have made meaningful differences in the game as far as bug fixes and sometimes more content. Don’t get me wrong it has rough edges still but is still very fun as in and has loads of potential that seems to be where the game is heading. So how can you get free skins? Just watch this youtube clip: free fortnite skins

Smoothest early acess launch of a survival game ive had so far, ive played Ark survival evolved, Conan Exiles and Dark and Light on day one and they were laggy messes. the servers seem to hold up really well so far although they tend to get laggy when alot of cross region players come in from other countries. there is alot to do in game and alot of content already in it , the pvp is quite fun although i beleive the portals should be disabled on the first week to prevent the first faction in from grabbing the others outposts before they even get to play… besides from that so far so good. the map is massive and interesting and has alot of survival factors and effects. leveling up gives you perks and abilities aswell as passive abilities etc the game is very focused on teamwork with your faction which works quite well besides some greifers now and then. the creatures are a little bit jittery with thier movements and hit regestration. the only real problem i have found atm is that tamed creatures have no methord for visual effect to tell if its friendly so most of your tames will be killed by faction members or yourself as you cant tell if its wild or not. all in all for EA now i would reccomend this game for any ark rust or conan players im just hopeing they dont change stupid things like dark and light did and kill thier game