How to save $100 at Shein! A working Shein Coupon Code USE IT NOW!


Hello shoppers, today I wanted to share with you all how to get a FREE $100 Shein coupon code that you can use on the store today. Now before I give you the code, I have to let you know that the code will expire every 24 hours, so you will have to go the website to get the code yourself.

It’s best explained through this youtube video here showing the shein coupon code:

As you guys can see you will need to visit the site and then search for “Shein” on the website. Once you have done that click on unlock code:

shein coupon code

You will then have to complete some free downloads to then get the code. Now remember this code will only last 24 hours so you have to use the coupon on the shein website. Now there are other tutorials on youtube such as here: Which is a similar method to get the $100 shein promo code!