How to Mod Your Sims Mobile Game 2020


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well, today we will be showing you all the easiest way to mod and hack your sims mobile game for iphone and androids! This little tutorial will be shown on youtube as it does take a little bit to get hang of! However, this will only take 5 minutes and you can save yourself quite a bit of real life money by using the mod.

Alrighty, so lets get into the tutorial first of all you want to make sure you have the sims mobile installed on your device and make sure it is updated. This won’t work unless your game is on the latest update!

Next watch this video tutorial here: sims mobile hack

This video will give you the full run down on what to do and what to install for the hack to work. Once the hack is installed make sure to do some jobs and task in game to get your free sim coins and cash. It really is as easy as that guys!