How to get Fornite on your old Xbox 360 Console for FREE!


Guys a new method just came out… you can download Fortnite Battle Royale on your xbox 360 console completely free…. watch the video here: fortnite xbox 360

I was starting to think this would be the battle royale game to really take over, knock Fortnite from its throne and all that. The requirement of having a kill to forge legendary weapons meant there was real incentive to quickly go to a populated and dangerous area to get a powerful reward if you survived. Weapon sounds and bolts felt different and interesting, skill-based, fair, satisfying to land. The different classes and abilities were fun, if not entirely balanced, but the chicken mechanic kept me lovin it.
Then with the newest update they made all hitboxes the same for the different guns, changed all the different bolts to the same boring, androgynous blue money shot. Legendary weapons are no longer forged, but picked up completely at random (genious!). It’s not even that it’s less fun now, it’s that it’s not fun *at all* with these changes. I really hope the developers realise they’ve ruined what was a fun and really creative take on the battle royale genre, and while I have no idea how an adult human being with an average intelligence could conceptually think of the changes as for the better, I understand even less how those changes could be playtested and put through, even in a game in such early access. Jesus christ..