How to get a $100 Wish Promo Code for your next checkout!

940 is now one of the largest online retailer stores selling at some of the cheapest prices the first world has seen. Over 500 million users and still growing Wish is set to continue to grow, taking the user direct to the chinese wholesalers for massive sales on items!

It begs the question, is there a way to save already on some wish coupons or promo codes? Well yes, we have found a few ways on how to save on wish:

Make sure to always look for free shipping. Some items on the store will be a cheaper price but no free shipping, and end up being more expensive! Make sure to watch for that, they are sneaky!

Promo code website: these do exist although many don’t actually work at all. We did find a video on youtube that showed how to get your own free wish promo code here:

Another way to save, is simply just checkout – that is website is direct from the Chinese sellers, and you will probably save more money going directly to them. However, the shipping time can be anywere from 30-45 days. Quite annoying if you need it in a hurry.

Finally, if you really want to save a lot of money just make sure to check around of all other shops and prices and make sure you watch the youtube video posted below as it’s working to save $100!