How to download Jurassic World Evolution for FREE!

If you liked Ark, you’ll like Jurassic World Evolution. In my opinion, what makes Ark great is the dinos. What makes Ark suck is also the dinos. In Ark, you’re incredibly reliant on dinos and there’s a huge timesink required to tame the dinos and it’s a major setback when they’re killed. I have been waiting for the game for sometime now….. and it’s now available to play and download I can’t not share this video I found on how to download it for free. Here it is:

In JWE, you “tame” thralls by throwing them in Wheel of Pain, giving them enough food, and then forgetting about them for X number of hours (depends on the tier of the thrall, i.e. Tier 1, 2, 3, or named). Crafting thralls are pretty essential as they make crafting a lot more efficient (less resources required). All harvesting is essentially manual labor and resource gathering becomes more efficient with better tools. Again, the thralls also result in less resources being required to craft items. The only time you’ll lose your crafting thralls is in the event of a raid as they can be stolen by the raiding party. Although the crafting thralls are essential, their loss isn’t felt nearly as much as losing your dinos in Ark.
The pvp in Jurassic World Evolution is by and large melee. Swords, pikes, shields etc. There is also archery and i’ve seen it used some in group pvp. The pvp in Jurassic World Evolution is far more skill based than Ark, in my opinion. My clan has routinely fought outnumbered but normally comes out on top, due to better coordination and communication (and skill). There’s still the same old issue of offline raiding, but the official servers by default have a limited raid window and unofficial servers can further refine the raid window making it more reasonable to be online to protect your base. I’ve only played on unofficial pvp servers.This game is more geared towards group play, and although I’ve seen solo players successfully play this game, it’s definitely harder and would be more enjoyable as a group.

To sum up, the game is well worth the money. Give it a go.

The game can be great but there are game breaking bugs that are not fixed and have been known for months and the big one is the fact that your building, whole, parts, crafting benches, or wheels can vanish when you log out. You can replace them and vanish again when you log off. This is happening on PVE official servers.

Servers get laggy if 20 or more people are online on a server making combat wanky, teleporting mobs, you teleporting if you dodge, mobs walking backwards and hitting you when your not close to them ect. Low population servers this does not seem to be an issue.

I would say Dont buy this game as long as the bug that makes your things dissappear on logout us still not fixed.