How to download iPogo without a Computer


Pokemon Go is probably the most popular game to have come out of the Pokemon gaming franchise. Its unique and interesting gameplay has attracted many gamers to it. This augmented reality (AR) game has become a global sensation ever since its launch in 2016, boasting over 1 billion downloads of the game. It went viral when it launched and the hype around it is still very much alive, with no signs of going cold. To benefit from the game’s popularity, many apps that support its gameplay have been launched.

Pokemon Go requires its users to physically go around and hunt for Pokemons on their phones. But this may not always be possible to do for various reasons. To solve this problem, gamers have been making use of VPN to spoof their location and play the game without having to play in the same location, but this is not the most effective way to do so. For this, apps like ipogo (pokemon go spoofer) have been introduced. Ipogo allows its users to play the game anytime, anywhere. This is a free application that works for iOS devices only, so Android users cannot use it.

How to Install, iPogo can be installed quite easily without a computer, you will just have to visit a website as shown in this youtube video: How to Download iPogo


Here are some of the features of iPogo:

  • iPogo gives you updated news feeds about where the raids, quests, nests and Pokémon appearances are happening
  • iPogo lets you snipe a Pokemon even if you are not in the same area where the Pokemon appeared
  • iPogo shows you a map where you can see the areas where events and appearances for Pokemon Go are taking place
  • iPogo’s joystick feature can be used to move on the map and can be used to adjust the speed of your movement
  • The app allows you to add routes to your preferred places
  • iPogo provides you with useful statistics and information about inventory
  • You can activate Fast Catch on iPogo
  • The app lets you display or hide elements from the screen so that you get more space on the screen to play easily


It also has the option to rename your pokemon and make it visible on your screen. Moreover, it is featured with software named POGO plus. Arguably the most important feature of this application is its Pokemon Go Plus feature, also called Go-Tcha. When Go Plus is enabled, Pokemon Go detects that the app is operating as Pokémon Go Plus. This feature combined with Auto-walk, GPX routing, enables the Pokémon to enter into the Pokémon Go Plus mode. This allows you to spin Pokemon stops and automatically capture Pokemon characters. This can be done without unlocking the device.


But the app has some drawbacks too. It has one drawback that it is not that much smooth runner as Pokemon GO. But even with these drawbacks, many people prefer ipogo (pokemon go spoofer) over other spoofing apps for Pokemon Go.