How to Change your Nat Type on PS4


Hey all! If you have ever suffered from a bad connection or not being able to find games on your ps4. It was probably because of your nat type. Well today I want to show you an easy tutorial on how to fix your nat type on ps4. It’s using an app that connects to your wifi and allows your nat type to change.

Will this work on PS5?

Just wanted to make a quick update on this post, yes it will open your nat type on the new PS5s, the app that is used ‘Nat Fixer’ works on the internet connection and router. So no matter what system you are using whether it be a ps4 or even a xbox, your connection will always have a open nat type! We have updated this post below with a new video showing you how to do this in 2021: Open nat type fixer

Here is the guide on youtube:

Watch that and follow all the steps. Once the app is installed your nat type will be open as long as the app stays on your mobile device. Enjoy!