How to Catch a Cheater for free iphone spy app!


Communication is the key to solve all relationship issues. However, it is pretty useless to communicate with a deceitful partner.

If your partner is cheating on you, they will not come forward and own it. You need to go out of your way to catch them.

If you notice the telltale signs of cheating in your partner, it is time you take the right action. Here are some of the common signs of a cheating spouse.

  • Ignoring you
  • Busy on phone
  • Staying late at work
  • Hiding things from you
  • Lying to you
  • Avoiding confrontation

You need to collect solid proofs to catch a cheating spouse if you notice any of these signs. However, you need to be secretive in your mission. If they come to know about it, they will tamper with the proofs.

Five Ways to Catch a Cheater:

Here are five effective ways you can use to catch a cheater. You can use any of these methods depending on your situation.

Spy App

You can download a spy app for iphone or android allow you to catch them cheating, basically you will want to watch this video here: how to catch a cheater

Check Their Phone:

If your partner is not using a security password on their phone, you can use this method. You can also use this method if you know their phone password. When they sleep at night or when they go for a shower, you can open the phone and check the calls and messages. You need to check the phone gallery as well as the social media apps on the phone. It will help you to know if they are cheating on you. If they are cheating, you can use it to collect the proofs.

Hack Google Chrome Using Laptop:

Another thing you can do is hack their Google Chrome password from their laptop. Most people don’t lock their laptop. So you can open it and go to Google Chrome. You can check the saved passwords to get their account credentials. Once you get the credentials, you can log in from your device to check their contacts, call logs, photos, videos, location, etc.

Use GPS Tracker to Track Their Location:

You can also use a GPS Tracker device and install it in their car or purse to catch them. It will help you to keep track of their location. You can check their location using your phone to know if they are going to work or lying about their whereabouts.

Download Keylogger:

This is another method you can use to catch a cheater. You can install a keylogger app on their phone to track their keystrokes. It will help you to read their messages, check their emails, browsing history and hack their social media.

Use Spying Software:

You can also use phone spying software to catch a cheater. This is the best method of spying. This software helps you to spy on all the activities on the phone. You can check their messages, location, call logs, phone apps, browsing history, multimedia, social media, listen to calls, record sounds, etc. You just need to download the app on their phone and secretly install it. After that, you can log in from your phone and laptop to spy on their phone.

These are the five ways by which you can easily catch a cheater. If you are suspicious about your spouse, you can use any of these methods to catch them and gather proof against them.