How to boot anyone offline on XBOX servers


If you are a hackforum skid, you’re going to want to read this. Today I have found a awesome youtube video online showing you just how to BOOT anyone offline on xbox live servers, and all you will need is their gamertag. This xbox booter hasn’t been online for long and I just tested it on my own gamertag and I was disconnected from xbox live services. This is definitely illegal and the person who made could go to jail for a service like this, however if you want an edge on any online game like call of duty…. I highly recommend you watch the video here: xbox booter


Yeah I know right…. It’s literally that easy, just go to the website shown in the video, type in their gamertag & wait for it to boot them offline. Crazy in 2021, these things still exist! Take advantage of it while you can, it doesn’t actually flood their router, it just disconnects them from the xbox Microsoft servers!