How this Youtuber Found a way to get Free Cash App Money!


Youtuber “tommy” found a way to get free cash app money through another app exploit that adds money straight to your Cash App account. We setup an interview with him and he explained; ‘this exploit allows you to add free cash app money to your account by simply clicking’ said tommy. We asked how it possible to download this app or test if it was bullsh*t. He recommended for us to watch his youtube video here:

As you see by the video, he has a full tutorial on how to do it! Now was this legal? probably not, but he is making a sh*t load so who cares. He also said in the interview ‘be careful, yes this is free money… but it call end badly’. So take care when using this new method but it is working as of 2021. Make sure you to subscribe to man for releasing this!