Here’s how to play with your Playstation Friends on Fortnite!


First the game play is limited to 100 battle royale. I have no idea how or why this game is popular, There are no public servers like 10 on 10, or 20 on 20 or even team-deathmatch in this game besides the phony custom servers which is just hahahah wtf is this. I would love to play 10 v 10 skirmish or a public server. But apparently this isn’t what the game is designed for and you can’t play cross platform with playstation…. well, I did find this video guide and it fixes it for you: fortnite cross play ps4

So keep that in mind, it does work and I use the fast connector on the video to make sure its nice and quick!

I got this game for free so im not at a loss. I can refund right now if I want, but ill just keep it and grind it and use it for skins to sell.

After playing a couple of hours I felt like playing battlefield hardline. Because I like this theme, and I really wish this was more fast paced. I mean its fast paced but, after you eliminate a team, I feel more to be desired. And I really don’t care about single player or situations aspects of it. Its alright.

The community is alright, I think Fortnite is going through an over haul in terms of toxicity. I guess the community got to the developers skin because its the internet, and people get carried away.

I didn’t see anything blatant cheaters, I didn’t get that many hours. I’ve won matches where I just shoot through a house and guess where the enemy is and get frags. But after you kill 3 or 4 and win the match, it really leaves me more to be desired.