Hacking the APK Files of Popular Google Play & Apple Store Games!


Today I went out to find working hacks and cheats for popular mobile games that can help you skip past various game checkpoints. These games force users to purchase gems/crystals/coins in order to further advance themselves in the game. With these hacks, I can effectively skip the payment part, and allow users to add their own currency to their accounts, making the game more enjoyable for them.

Some of the games include: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes & Coin Master.

The star wars game was very easy to get into. I found a video that actually demonstrates the cheating process here: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes free crystals

As you can see, it is super easy to do! Follow this guide if you are interested in free crystals for your next galactic fight! Although this is cheating the companies, if only a few people do these cheats we will be safe!

The next game is coin master! This game just recently went viral on Facebook with likes of big celebrities advertising the game such as: SuperWog! With Coin Masters integration with FaceBook, it allows you to easily verse your Facebook friends and even shows their display picture in game.

Coin Master wasn’t an easy one to generate the free coins, however once again I have uploaded a video to youtube showing you all how to do it easily, just follow my tutorial: coin master free coins

I really hope you guys find these videos and articles useful. Lot’s of time and preparation has gone into them, so make sure to like, comment and subscribe!