GTA 6 Review


Amazing game. No technical issues that I have run into. Best part of the origin trilogy. I would not really think about this one. Its a AAA high quality title. Plenty to do and find. Exploration is alot of fun check everywhere I mean everywhere. Lara is pretty brutal this time around. The graphics are the best on any game so far….period. I was like wow even next to Witcher 3 or Assassins creed.

My Mouth Dropped!!!!

Game Has Amazing Story,The Graphics Are So Realistic,Even The Reactions Of Every Character On This Game Looks So Real

Definitily,I’m Not Regret For Bought This Game,I Suject To Everyone To Have It

Also,I Don’t Even Know Why,But Reminds Me Uncharted Gameplay

Around 18 hours for main campaign including all characters.

If you liked the previous 2 games in this series, this one would be just for you.
Liked the better split between exploration and combat and the jungle environment is just amazingly crafted.

This is another amazing episode of theĀ Grand Theft Auto series, with a great story and insane graphics. I could make a list of all the things I love in this game, but you just have to scroll through the other reviews. This game is worth every cent! I however did get it for free from youtube video: gta 6 beta download