GTA 5 Mobile Review and Guide


Good game, on nearly all fronts. The front that fails? Framerate performance. It ruins this port of the game. I seriously just finished a 4 hour ordeal where I followed a guide that suggested uninstalling my graphics driver, just because Rockstar never bothered following up on updating. I almost lost my PC trying to get this game working the way it should. Extreme and dumb, I know, but there should seriously be an official update to get this working on more rigs. Rating it poorly until such a time comes. GTA 5 ss one of favorite mobile games and is also available on your iOS and Android. I actually found the guide here: GTA 5 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

Over a year since this game has been out and just purchased due to the positive comments about story, gameplay, etc…I’ve seen people play this game and was impressed by the complexity of the game. There’s many great qualities about the game.

While I could go on about the greatness and fun of this game having played it on ps4, unfortunately the bugs with graphical issues make overshadow positive qualities the game may have on the pc version. After spending a few hours troubleshooting installing Farmod, dealing with black bordered windows, resolution issues, nvidia geforce experience causing farmod to resort to 1366×768 whatever resolution (weird considering my native resolution is 1920×1080), mouse cursor not actually clicking the button it is on, etc. Then, the game freezes upon exit and task manager can’t kill the program off without having to reboot the computer. I really hope Rockstar can fix some of the issues, other than that…. Great Game!