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season 5 battle pass

There’s nothing bad you can say about the game itself. The season 5 battle pass gives you so much to do & of challengers to do with your mates! Now it does cost 950 vbucks, but you can actually just get it for free if you watch this youtube video: fortnite free battle pass

Fortnite is one of those games that is a learning game where you die until you learn what you need to do to survive. There are many choices you have to make and you have to juggle the immediate needs of your community against the long term need to survive. You must plan ahead to survive. If your heat generator runs out of coal, it’s because you didn’t build enough coal production earlier to keep it going.

After many failed attempts, I finally managed to eke out a victory. Thinking I had mastered the game, I played again to try some different options. I did win again, but just barely because my people were sick, freezing, starving when the game ended, in much worse condition than at my first victory. The game thus does have some replayability to try to improve your decisions with the goal of having your people warm and fed at the end of the game, and I must admit it was fun to play again.

I like this game a lot and give it a very high rating for engagement and difficult choices during gameplay. It has lots of nice touches and options during play. The game flow is very linear: you have to lead your people as the weather gets progressively colder so there isn’t any variety in the challenge. The variety is how to achieve survival. There are other places outside the city to explore which also don’t vary; however the risky encounters have variable outcomes and you probably won’t be able to explore all the other places in a single game.