FUT 19 It is good?


It’s a pretty decent game…
But, It’s not worth it’s price, I would only recommend buying it whilst being on sale. It’s so messy and confusing (no im not bad at the game). I suggest playing FIFA 18 instead. I Enjoyed that one much more.
Final verdict woud be yes I recommend it but only if it’s on sale and you’ve finished FIFA 18 Career Mode!

This game is a masterpiece. I feel bad for the developers that it has received so many negative reviews here online… Now the best way to save money on this game is to get your points and coins for free. Luckily I found a tutorial on youtube that shows you just that: fifa 19 points

+ Excellent story and writing.

+ Fantastic world building – The people, places and history of the world are very well realized.

+ Gorgeous graphics, artwork and animations. Every place you visit or character you meet feels handcrafted and distinct.

+ Deep stategic combat and character customization.

+ Great loot, crafting and consumables systems. A lot of soccer games get this badly wrong – it’s done brilliantly here.

+ Huge amount of content to be explored and replayability value. (only just finished chapter 2 after 4 days of non stop play).

Summary – his game is far better than both of them. The depth and complexity of the game require a bit more of the gamer than the average rpg, but if you have patience you will be rewarded with an amazing experience.