Free Spotify Premium GUIDE UPDATED 2021


If you are looking to earn money on the Internet, why not try to earn with the free spotify premium? There are two ways to do this: via premium or free of charge services. Spotify is an innovative web-based music and audio social networking service, launched in 2006 by Daniel Ek, a young computer geek from Stockholm. It is based in Luxembourg since Spotify Technology S.a is incorporated in Luxembourg and is also headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since its inception, over twelve million users have joined the Premium spotify membership and many millions more have paid for the service. This shows that it is indeed a successful service and one that people are willing to pay for. The free spotify premium allows premium members to create playlists, vote for songs, create radio channels, play videos and podcasts, share audio and video content and edit photos. These features make it ideal for uses that would require a lot of manual intervention. Some examples of such uses include creating radio channels, playlists and newsletters, sharing content with other premium members, and playing music and videos in the background while working or studying.

As a songwriter and music addict, I am always thrilled when I find a new service that allows me to earn money with something I love and have used for years. In this case, the spotify premium version helps me earn revenue from my music downloads. Many of my regular clients are still using the free spotify version despite having paid for the premium version. Music is my passion, and nothing pleases me more than being able to help others discover great music, whether that means recommending songs that other people would find captivating and worthy of purchasing or simply sending them a link to a song I think they would enjoy. Spotify gives me the tools to do both and beyond, making me a happy music marketer and creator of music apps.