Fortnite STW – The new Cod Zombies?


Here we have it, the multiplayer. This review will be focused on this new aspect, as the core game is essentially the same as the first one, except for the ability to throw things… such as, throw some french fries across the face of your brigade mate to make him fall off the boat ! 🙂

The multiplayer was long awaited. It works well, if you play with friends, but still needs some tweaking because I had a friend or two losing connection for a bit. It is great fun nonetheless. It is nice that you can play co-op in campaign, 2v2, or 4 co-op.
The problem comes when you play with randoms. I don’t know if the devs didn’t implement voice chat by lazyness or to avoid toxicity, but since communication is one of the two aspects which make this game fun and challenging (along with adaptation), the lack of it makes random online games more often than not lackluster. Well if you watch this youtube clip from this guy – how to get stw free

You will be to download your own free code 🙂

Alos, online co-op campaign progress is NOT shared, which is a downer… I don’t see why it has to be that way.

Overall, it is a great 15 euros game. It is slighlty rough on the money at 23, especially considering you pay a 23 euros multiplayer update basically. Yes, I know, design has been reworked… but hey… you don’t notice it when you’re in the heat of things.

Let’s get cookin’