Fortnite Omen Skin for FREE? Yes this guy shows you!


Fortnite is Fun. Clearly in Alpha so it’s not fully developed. Combat is fun and the idea of classes and crafting is also really cool. Only problem I have is the TTK is extremely high, the map is pretty small and compact, so the beginning is often very difficult or horrid, and the balancing team is, for lack of better words. I think the best aspect of fortnite, is the skins, I have been getting all of my skins for free too! This guy frank on youtube shows you how to do very easily: omen skin for free

I never cared much for PUBG, I did like H1Z1 but never really played that much either. Realm Royale though I really enjoy. I’m honestly not too sure why, but if you have tried these types of games before and did not care for them, this one is worth a try. If you like these types of games then this will most likely catch your fancy as well then.

I am enjoying this better than fortnight cause there’s no annoying building and wannabe pro players. The class system is a fun idea and I curious to see where they take it. The chicken is brilliant; how can you be mad to die in a cloud of feathers?

Honestly, I’ve played both PUBG and Fortnite but this game does stand out over the rest. As someone who plays WoW a lot the game’s classes are a welcome uniqueness. There’s no building such as Fornite which I prefer. No parachutes and the combat feels smooth. Forges are nice and it makes sense to only be able to get class legendaries after killing someone. However, the largest issue I have with the game is the shotguns. No matter how high armour I have or whatever gun I have a battle seems to be decided on who has a shotgun (or if both have it who has the better one). I find the range of a shotgun simply much too large which makes it overpowering against anyone with a mid-range weapon or ranged class such as mage or hunter. Besides that, I have been really enjoying this game.