Fortnite Android Download? Yes Watch This!


So your looking to play the best free to play game of 2018? Fortnite is actually available to download on your android device! You just need to know where to look! Here is the video that you will get you the .apk file to run and install Fortnite: how to get fortnite on android

Here is my review information on Fortnite Android version:

Probably one of my favorite games of this genre! It just felt like I was playing DnD, especially when I was playing with my friends!! I just wish the Battle Royale mode was a bit easier to use.

Right, so thus far I’ve played for ~17 hours and I gotta say, Fortnite is great.

So why is it great?

I started this game expecting my years of experience with BR to make this game a breeze. Oh boy was I wrong. This game punishes you for not equiping both you and your teammates. DON’T FORGET TO EQUIP YOUR TEAMMATES.

for the record I was playing it on classic difficulty(normal).

All I did in these 17 hours can be summed up in 2-3 sentances. Later on I found out that I could have done the progress I did in those 17 hours in less than 6 hours. So here’s what happened to those interested:

I got on a prison island and met up with a few companions, I got equipment and got myself arrested hoping to get into the fort joy castle. I did and from there I escaped through the front gate. Then I met up with the resistance and got a superweapon to destroy the enemy superweapon in order to get a ship to get out of the island.

In any other game this would take place in the span of 1-2 hours and would have no player control. You would be doing a sort-of “tutorial” and by the end of it you would be set free!