Fortnite 2018 Review + Free Skin Guide!


Fortnite¬†is a great game. There’s a variety of weapons with fluid reactive combat and depth (minus the dual blades with 2 main ground moves – dash and epileptic seizure attack ). Even so, every weapon is FUN and rewarding. While personally not really being into game music,¬†Fortnite does have a pretty epic soundtrack and there are some gameplay elements that incorporate BGM. The world design is vibrants and purposeful, which leads to some inconveniences.

While every major NPC and structure has a functionality, it means there’s no centralize hub to do EVERYTHING. You’ll still have to run around and manage your resources. (IMO it’s kind of immensive but I can see how annoying that can get) One of the major hurdles of this game is the steep learning curve and awkard controls implemented to the mouse and keyboard. Short answers is, if you can look pass that and enjoy the combat, you’ll get use to it. I would highly recommend you dont buy vbucks and just get your skins for free: free fortnite skins

That’s really what it comes down to, are you willing to learn something new?

Because if you are, there’s a plethora epic “boss” fights and customizations for both you and your adorable cat. Yep. You get a feline companion that follows you around and helps you kick take names. Because we all know, cats are better people. <—- that’s how I’m gonna end it and you can quote me on that.