Fifa 19 – Worth a buy?


Hi peeps,
Pre orderd and started right away from day one (beta). Played 4.5 hrs and would probably continue but it was too late. Let me say this is by far the best experience in recent years. Tactics really matter and are wonderfully done. What I like is that is actually visible in 3d match. Training is maybe most refreshing cause it ‘s onteresting and you can tailor it as you wish. Change it when you want, just many options.
Oh lets not forget UI is best default ever. Larger fonts for clubs and changing colors in general look very transparent … good choice SI. Now you if you follow this youtube video, you can fifa for free:

All in all 9.5/10.

Highly recommend!

Look, it’s not a totaly new game and the graphics are not like fifa or PES, but it did make alot of cool little changes and even a few important ones that make this game feel alot better than fm18. So if you liked that one, you will like this one even better………but who cares? because you already bought it and are playing it for 500 hours or you don’t care and just want to hate on it because it has not so great graphics.