FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Review


Love this game; I like taking my sweet time exploring each map and completing every achievement possible. In my opinion it’s the best way of playing FIFA!

FIFA is on PC, Xbox one and ps4. Although get the console version instead. With each new patch EIDOS/SE manages to screw up something else. Feel like using a controller? patch first but get no sound output. Wanna hear the game? good, install the beta but good luck with your ps4 or steam controller. Now one of the best aspects of fifa is the ultimate team. Here is how you get those coins and points on your FUT team for free: how to get free fifa 19 coins

The game is great but it’s broken on pc. This is a worthy successor to the FIFA franchise. Graphically it is one of the nicest looking games ever. One of the biggest drawing features of the FUT franchise has been it’s straight forward intuitive control system which makes it easy for anyone to play…this has not changed. While I wasn’t blown away by the story, the game-play, graphics, and over-all enjoyment was top-notch. Worth purchasing…especially if you can get it on sale.