The game was definitely a terrible port when it was first released hence its low rating. However, the developers have provided numerous fixes and updates and “most” of the issues are resolved. One of the things I really enjoy is the updated mouse control. You can actually play this with a keyboard and mouse now without feeling nauseous every 5 minutes. Would definitely recommend this game, seeing how the developers are working hard to fix bugs and the future addition of a lot more content.

FIFA 19 is awful. The graphics are abysmal and cannot be much improved through settings. Also it locks you into the game and wont let you quit while you are on a quest. unbelievably bad. It looks like a ps2 game and plays like one. The controls are clunky at best and the voice acting is terrible. This is $60 i will never get back. what a complete rip off. Get fifa 19 free here: