Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is Almost Here


Call of Duty fans rejoice. As the lastest in the franchise will be dropping this Friday on the 12th! I have always enjoyed the cod series since the modern warfare 2 days… Who Didn’t. Luckily nowadays you can actually play blacks ops 4 for free. This guy on youtube shows you how to do it:

Here is a little about the new game: So finally after 9 hours of play I have beaten the main story. I took my time and really enjoyed learning a variety of the unique weapons in the game. This game is fantastic! I had a version of COD back on the PsP but didnt have any friends who played and the game just didnt click with me.

This one did, however. It makes you feel truely accomplished learning a weapon and taking down other players. The online matchmaking has worked great for what it does. My only gripe with that is Im not sure how I can add people into my game by choice, most is you posting a session and whoever sees it can join. I rarely stick with a game as long as I did this one and that means alot. I plan on playing this past the 90 hours I have already invested. BUY the new COD!