Black Ops 4 Mobile Review – Does it Compare?


So Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Mobile will be releasing this week along side ps4, xbox and pc releases! We are looking forward to everyone playing it. We actually got our hands on unreleased copy of the game, and it seems like it is super fun to play. We got through youtube here: bo4 mobile

+Amazing graphics and animations!
+Fairly in depth but painfully clunky character customization. Click on an option, click on a slider for that option, then click and drag the slider PRECISELY along the line. Obviously geared toward a controller and not really adjusted to mouse/keyboard.

-Gameplay, especially combat, was hideously disappointing. I wanted the fun, sling around, DMC kind of playstyle, I got…. poor camera angles, and weird, clunky aiming.
-Awful, awkward menu navigation.
-Wiggly camera angles that bob around for a cutscene every fifteen seconds. Camera was occasionally possessed and did weird panning or just became fixed. Played with camera options to no avail.
-Annoying, babying intro that takes forever to get through.

TLDR; It’s a bad port of what is probably an ok console game. Not worth my $50, even though it’s on sale. Requested a refund.