About Face: Organic Skin Care for Your Face


Skin care products for your face are made by just about every cosmetics company and there are organic and eco-friendly products that are just now becoming mainstream. Most facial cleansers and moisturizers for your face are made from plant-based materials such as sunflower oil and almond oil. Many of these product lines will sound exactly like some face care products from mainstream manufacturers and are just as good as chemically-based face products. Most of these organic companies also have a men’s line of products as well. Here are some organic product suggestions for your facial care needs.
Saffron Rouge is perhaps one of the most popular organic and eco-friendly skin care companies on the planet. Not only do they have a full line of skin care products, but they have a hefty share of products specifically for your face. Eye makeup removers are around $20 for a 3.4 ounce bottle that removes makeup with calendula and manuka honey. Moisturizers come in many varieties with SPF protection and fragrance free balms and serums. If you want to try some of their products, try a starter kit with samples of an entire facial makeover for around $25.

Skin Care Organix has a full range of skin care products for your face that sound like a top of line skin care regimen. Several manufacturers have products with jojoba seed oil, natural sunscreens, and plant essential oils for healthy skin and for scents. Try the heavy duty Norewegian moisturizer for $48 for two ounces. Organic toners are around $15 for four ounces or $25 for eight ounces with aloe vera and witch hazel extracts. If you want one stop shopping for your face care needs, this is the place.

Grahams Natural also has a full range of natural and organic products that I just absolutely in love with! My favorite product of theirs, is their reef friendly sunscreen, it has 2 hours of water resistance and is full UVA/UVB! It won’t irritate your skin like most sunscreens and it is biodegradable so it is safe for the environment! I can’t recommend it enough!

Organoderm has a set of facial skin care products that is USDA certified like the Olive Cucumber amp; Watercress Light Moisturizer for $26 for an 8.5 ounce bottle. Product containers are also recyclable and made to be bigger than most industry standards to the products in the containers last longer and don’t make it to landfills as quickly as smaller containers. By using less packaging, fewer packages get thrown away or recycled. Their certified organic cleanser uses a unique blend of apple juice, olive oil, and shea butter to cleanse your face thoroughly and restoring the nutrients your skin needs.

Organic face care products are quickly becoming a selling force in mainstream products and should be considered alongside top of the line face products when you consider the purported health benefits of organic products.