6 Ways to Unclog Pores Naturally


Pores can easily become clogged with dirt, dead skin and makeup. Even with daily face washes, not all can be washed away and then your pores may become enlarged with white heads or blackheads.
Warm Water

A quick and easy way to unclog your pores is to wash your face with warm water in the morning and at night. The warm water will melt away all the oil and grease on your skin that would block your pores.


Drinking enough water will do wonders for your body and skin. Make sure to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily, it will flush your body off all the toxins in your body and on your skin. I would recommend you try a natural body wash!


You can easily unclog the deeply clogged pores with steam. About once weekly heat clean water in a pot and when it begins to boil drape a towel around your head and put your face over the pot, about a foot away. Steam until you are really sweating and all the steam is gone, your body will be removing the toxins and debris from your pores. Once you are done steaming you should splash your face with cold water to seal your pours back up.

Lemon Juice

Washing your face with lemon juice will melt away the oil sitting on the skin. It also makes your skin feel soft. Lemon juice is one of the fastest ways to unclog your pores, but will not get down deep.

Clay Mask

Clay masks will bring the clog closer to the surface, but not all the way, if your pores are really clogged deep then it will take several applications to remove everything. It’s best to use the mask with another regiment.

Facial Scrubs

A great way to easily remove the layer of dirt and dead skin is to use an all natural homemade scrub. Using a scrub will not only remove the dead skin and dirt, but will also make your skin look brighter and unclog your pores.