Friday, February 22, 2019

NBA 2k19 iOS and Android APK Review

When 2k18 came out I thought "I really don't like this". I kept playing because I need my 2k fix like everyone else. I've...

5 Health Mistakes of your Life

dGood health is very important for your body as it keeps doctor at bay. And we know there are a lot of health conscious...

Spotify for free in 2019 free spotify premium for android and ios


The game was definitely a terrible port when it was first released hence its low rating. However, the developers have provided numerous fixes and...

Gta 5 Android

So you guys are looking for a way to play grand theft auto 5 on your mobile device? Well it is definitely possible. There...

Free Spotify Premium in 2019! Only working guide I have found that works!

SHould you buy Save the World – Fortnite?

I want to suggest this game really badly, having finished it and having a great time through the first half of the game. However...

How to download Jurassic World Evolution for FREE!

If you liked Ark, you'll like Jurassic World Evolution. In my opinion, what makes Ark great is the dinos. What makes Ark suck is...
season 5 battle pass

Get your own Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass for FREE!

There's nothing bad you can say about the game itself. The season 5 battle pass gives you so much to do & of challengers to do...

Free Robux in Roblox 2019 free robux

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